iFolder Capabilities

iFolderŪ is an online file storage and replication service. With iFolder the files you choose are synchronized between the MemphisEMail.Com online server and your PC. This will allow you access to all of your important files from any computer with a web browser and access to the Internet. You can also install the client onto a second PC and have your files synchronized between your home and office. All of your files are stored locally on your machine to ensure quick and speedy access even when you are not online. As soon as you connect online, your files are replicated to our server and then to other PC's in your iFolderŪ chain.

All files are transmitted securely between clients and servers.

Web Accessibility
Through a specialized webpage you can access your files from any computer with a web browser and an Internet connection.

Quick Synchronization
Using Delta Conversion technology the amount of data to be synchronized to keep your files up-to-date is minimized to only the changes you have made. (after initial file replication).

Web Replication
Simply by installing the iFolderŪ client to a second PC you have the ability to synchronize your files between your office and another PC. This allows you to work at home, for example, without having to worry about transporting or e-mailing these files back and forth to the office.

Group Accessible Folders
With this added feature, multiple people can access the same files, effectively allowing your employees to work from anywhere. This function is achieved either via the iFolderŪ client or the web interface. iFolderŪ group folders are the perfect collaborative solution for your mobile employees or telecommuters. This will allow you to find the best person for the job without the worry of physical location.